Hand washing with soap (HWWS) at critical moments reduces the rates of diarrheal diseases by almost 50% and other respiratory diseases by 30%. Tanzania  needs to be a part of the global campaign on promoting hand washing through messages tailored to local contexts.


A messaging platform should be established in order to communicate HWWS messages to the communities. It could be an platform used to disseminate SMS or better, a more cost-effective solution. It is important to evaluate if mobile phone companies would need to be interested to facilitate this process.

Additional information:

There are four types of messages that CARE would like to disseminate:

a) Promotion at the household level

b) Increasing local artisans’ (fundis) capacity to build HW stations/facilities

c) Reminding school pupils to wash hands after getting out of toilet and prior to eating snacks/food at school (accompanied by visual aids)

d) Reminding communities to maintain HW WASH facilities and fill water adequately.

– Schools would be engaged in a pilot project by their head teachers

– Appropriate messages need to be prepared for delivery to various audiences.


If working prototype is developed, Local Government Authorities (LGA) is an ideal user and should help in further development. Target users should be the users of mobile phones benefiting from Hygiene and Sanitation Education through iWASH Program implemented in Wami Ruvu Basin (at least 5000 people annually).

Support may be given to project team of a successful prototype, such as Capacity Building to Project Initiative/LGA Staff on development of the appropriate message and indicators to track impact; 3-month incubation for the IT team in order to monitoring the impact as well as 6-month internship supported by the Sanitation Experts.

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