Locality Twinning



Crisis Statement

Many of the remote local governments & practitioners in Bangladesh have very poor access to good sanitation practices and knowledge resources. Many of the neighbouring local governments in Nepal, Meghalaya, Tripura, Assam, Sikkim have many good sanitation practices and share a similar language. The sharing of experiences amongst local governments & practitioners is limited by boundaries & connectivity.


Needs Statement

We need to develop simple Bangla applications that enables local practitioners to connect & share via web sites, drop boxes, Facebook, SMS, WhatsApp etc.


Impact Statement

Local governments in ChapaiNawabganj , Kurigram, Moulvibazar, Dinajpur, Comilla are willing to support piloting / testing.


Short Description

Remote areas have low access to sanitation training.


Author: Samhir Vasdev, US
Hackathon site: Dhaka
Location: Bangladesh
Problem category: Governance, Rural

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