Our Team


  • John Kluge



    I cut my teeth working on anti-poverty, hunger, and cyber security policies to protect children, and have helped scale food security in the U.S. to over 30 million people. Now I’m building an army for good to win the War on Poop. Toilets are my life. They go into the same category as superheroes, space exploration, and the Sex Pistols, or most things that start with “S—“they’re the bomb dignity. So enlist I say, and be a toilet hero!
    Why I give a sh*t: Teaming up with top-notch organizations like UNICEF and Pencils for Promise has proven to me how awesome toilets and hand-washing are—whether they’re saving a child’s life or supporting their education. Toilets simply rock.

  • Michael TS Lindenmayer



    I give a squat about the 2.5 billion people without a toilet. I want a toilet in every home, yesterday! So I signed up as the Co-Chief Toilet Hacker. I am on a mission to unleash the power of design, collaboration and marathon level commitment to fulfill this vision.  As an early adopter of Room to Read and the Grameen Bank, I know that it is possible to go from a tiny team of the willing to an incredible army for good that can help millions of people. So hear our call fellow hackers, it is time to relentlessly invent and build a toilet revolution! How did I arrive here, find out more at my Forbes blog.
    Why I give a sh*t: With a challenge this messy, massive and mind blowing, it calls for a perpetual hack attack.

  • John Feighery



    I am a water researcher and social entrepreneur based in New York City. Prior to working in the international water sector, I was a NASA engineer for 11 years, developing and managing equipment to monitor the air and water quality for astronauts on the International Space Station. I left NASA to pursue a PhD in Earth and Environmental Engineering at Columbia University, where I conducted research on contamination of shallow drinking water wells in rural Bangladesh. My research involved collecting and mapping water quality data, laboratory measurements of bacteria transport through sediment, numerical modeling, and geospatial analysis of water data. In 2011, I posed a challenge to the global Water Hackathon teams to create a water quality app that could read test results using the camera on a mobile phone and a team from Montreal won our hackathon by creating a working prototype. Following on this success, the team created mWater, a non-profit organization that combines low-cost water technology with mobile phones to monitor and share water quality data. mWater recently released a free app for Android mobile phones and completed a field trial for UN Habitat in Tanzania. Did I mention I worked at NASA?
    Why I give a sh*t: The number one cause of unsafe drinking water in most parts of the world is contamination by sewage due to inadequate sanitation.

  • Andrew Kriss



    I’m a producer. I produce things. Isn’t that enough? No? Ok. I’m also the creator (and producer) of the National Geographic Channel hit documentary series “American Gypsies.” When I’m not shooting for the Toilet Hackers team, you can find me at the award winning production company Stick Figure Productions. I earned my MFA in film from City College of New York and received a Student Oscar from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 2009 as the producer of “The Bronx Balletomane”.
    Why I give a sh*t: Maybe one day that golden statue will be the result of an documenting an unlikely rebel alliance of upstarts who take on the War on Poop.

  • Catalina Spinel



    Catalina is committed to finding innovative solutions around the global problem of toilets and sanitation. She holds a Master in Public Administration from Columbia University and has over seven years of experience in the nonprofit world. She has worked on diverse topics, including small and medium enterprise development, education, and gender issues. She was part of the team that started Endeavor in Colombia and is passionate about social entrepreneurship and tackling social issues with a business perspective..
    Why I give a sh*t: I give a shit because everyone should have the right to be sit in the throne.

  • Molly Austin



    Also Comedian, Writer, Actor, Producer, Director, New Yorker.
    Born helpless, nude, and unable to provide for herself, I eventually overcame these handicaps to become a conjurer of charm, a wizard of wit, and a queen (or king, depending on your religious views) of komoidía! Nowadays you can find me grabbing a slice of pizza on St Marks, performing stand up at multiple comedy clubs on the mean streets of New York City and blogging for the ever fashionable Alice+Olivia. I am is also 1/2 of the smash hit web series, EMOTISTYLE. I want to make you laugh in your hearts and maybe start a hair braiding circle.
    Why I give a sh*t: If someone asks you to utilize your skill set to help make things better for 40% of humanity and you don’t, you’re an assh*le. #butts

  • Shawn Shafner


    I’m a theatre-maker, educator, and the creator of The People’s Own Organic Power Project (www.thePOOPproject.org), an arts and education organization inspiring critical conversations about sustainable sanitation. My recent work, An Inconvenient Poop (formerly Eat $h*t: How Our Waste Can Save the World) was hailed by The Scotsman as “…the most important show on the fringe…ahead of its time,” in its premiere at the Edinburgh International Fringe Festival. My NYC acting credits include performances at Madison Square Garden, Theater Row, Joe’s Pub, 59E59, The Club at La Mama, and Classic Stage Company. Shawn spent most of 2008 touring nationally as Pablo in Nickelodeon’s The Backyardigans Live!, and has been creating original ritual theater with Storahtelling since 2005. He is the recipient of a 2005 Spielberg Fellowship, holds a BFA from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, and has trained in Russia at the St. Petersburg Theatre Arts Academy, the Institute for Contemporary Art in London, and the Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards in Italy. Why I give a sh*t: I believe that rethinking the way we deal with our doo can lead to a revolution in how we treat our bodies, planet and global community.

  • Lex Mustafin



    Originally from Russia, I practiced French and English while volunteering around the world during my college years. And, they are still on, my college years… Having an M.A in Language Translation and an M.A in Public Relations I was always interested in International, Socially Oriented projects. From French Culture Parties, AIDS Awareness Events to Religious Conferences I organized, my aim was always to try to make a difference: engage and educate those who are interested & help those who are in need. To keep pace with the times and help making goodwill projects more accessible, I also started my path towards a degree in Computer Information Systems. And it feels good that I can apply my knowledge to help.
    Why I give a sh*t: I hate the idea that people suffer because of sh*t.
    A technological attack on poop sounds as a great plan!

  • Benjamin Bentsman


    Teacher by day, toilet hacker by night. I’ve taught at two of South Korea’s most rockstar academies, KJC21 and Chungdahm, and at NEST+m Middle School and Brooklyn Technical High School, two of New York City’s public school genius machines. I tutored children for four years in South Korea and New York City, and my tutees commonly score in the 99th percentile on their tests. I especially like working with ‘difficult’ kids, as I was once a difficult kid myself. I have an M.A. in English Education from Columbia University and a B.A. in Philosophy The University of Chicago.
    Why I give a sh*t: death by feces? that’s downright unacceptable. I believe that is an awful reason to die, and every human being deserves better.

  • Melissa Morrisey


    I am a proud native of Boston, Mass. I graduated from Georgetown University with a B.A. in Psychology and from NYU with an M A. in Latin American and Caribbean Studies. I spent three years teaching and volunteering in Latin America before moving to New York in 2007. I currently share time between working for a dress designer in the ever so charming village of Midtown and my poop-fighting career as a toilet hacker. I’m also studying nutrition in an effort to amass as many unrelated degrees and career pursuits as possible. When I’m not bedecked in sequins or feathers, I can be found refining my improv skills or writing down my deepest thoughts and lamest puns in various locals in Brooklyn, where I reside.
    Why I give a sh*t: It’s our duty to care about doodie.

  • Mia Morgan



    Noted by WWD as one of the top 50 stylists in NY, Mia Morgan has dressed countless celebrities and high-profile individuals for events and editorials ranging from Nicole Kidman and Beyonce Knowles to First Lady Laura Bush. As a fashion stylist Mia has worked with world famous photographers such as Patrick Demarchelier, Peter Lindberg and Timothy White and clients including Vanity Fair Magazine, Neiman Marcus, Got Milk and countless movie posters. Mia lives in the Chelsea NY jungle with her two Cornish Rex cats, Sheriff and Mr. Pink and she helps Toilet Hackers look good and feel sexy.
    Why I give a sh*t: Traveling the around the world has opened my eyes to the need to help others live in a cleaner and more peaceful world.

  • Reem Aboukhater



    While I am currently finishing my masters in oral history, I am empowered by spreading the love of toilets. I like green juice and enjoy anything related to sea-turtles and sausage dogs. I also abhor small-talk.
    Why I give a sh*t: Every time I take a poop I remember that I can save a life. And Who can deny they’ve never found themselves hugging their toilet for whatever reason- I love toilets!

  • Kimberly Bellinger



    Before retiring to the astral realms, I video and photographically journaled the activity of NYC humans for Apple, Universal, FuseTV, Gothamist and other media outlets. Repulsed by humanity’s blind over consumption of unnatural edibles, and the resulting meteoric rise in obesity, childhood diabetes and other lifestyle based diseases, I moved on to tackle this globally growing epidemic with my current energetic outlet, ItsNotFood.org. It’s time to redefine our notion of food as something that provides natural actual nutrition and physical satisfaction on a cellular level as opposed to the synthetic disease breeding substitutes that currently dominate our habit and advertising driven palates. I keep the team’s poo output leaner and greener with an endless kale chip supply and by keeping the group meeting menu doughnut and Chinese food -free. When not in the 5th dimension, I enjoy being upside down, cooking, reggae music, quantum physics, philosophizing, piano playing, asana leading, and moonlight as a sorceress.
    Why I give a poo: I feel for the 40% experiencing toiletlessness firsthand. From 2006-2008 I squatted (har har) in a non-residential building in NYC with no heat, running water or toilet. True story.

  • Lisa Lee-Herbert

    I have always been drawn to tackling enormous, complex problems. After six years coordinating arts education programs in New York City public schools, I decided to pursue an MBA at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. I’m passionate about blending business acumen and social impact. In addition to working with Eirene this summer, I co-founded First Principals, an organization that provides executive leadership coaching to public school principals in Chicago.
    Why I give a sh*t: Because it’s the less palatable side of the equation! Making true impact in this field means addressing daily behavioral change for 2.6 billion people. I’m excited to work with an international community of brilliant people engaged in making a difference in the water and sanitation sector.

  • lisa-reider

    Lisa Reider


    A social entrepreneur with and uncanny knack for connecting the right people together, I find creative solutions to help reinforce and propel the causes I champion for. Born and raised in Chicago, I developed a fierce disposition for weather change. I continue to travel all over the world giving a sh*t in over 10 countries and counting. I have joined the toilet revolution as an artist, educator, and relentless dreamer.
    Why I give a sh*t: Because I have learned that all it really takes to create change is someone giving a sh*t!

  • handycandie

    Candice Scott



    I am the founder of Brand Natives, a Los Angeles brand consultancy serving the architectural, design and fashion industries. As my business partner likes to say “we service the left brain.” But before that, I was (and still am!) a bona-fide Third Culture Kid – South American, born in Vietnam, lived and worked in Europe and restless soul that has traveled to over 50 countries via my international marketing career and personal travels. I’ve witnessed and experienced extreme poverty first-hand – in 2009 I traveled to Guinea Bissau, the 3rd poorest country in the world, to volunteer at an orphanage. Seeing the smiles on the most destitute of faces, my heart grew a little bigger and I vowed to never forget what I had seen when I returned to my comfortable life of plentiful water, working plumbing – and choices.
    Why I give a sh*t: Because I cannot sh*t idly by.

  • Anne

    Anne Alexander



    Originally educated and trained as a graphic designer, I cut my teeth at Gensler, the largest architecture firm in the world. Through a series of serendipitous opportunities I was appointed to marketing strategist, ultimately conceiving and implementing Gensler’s corporate philanthropy platform, called Gensler Serve. Adopted firm-wide in 43 countries, gServe utilizes design + planning to solve social challenges facing our communities. Through gServe, I participated in the rebuilding of a school in Haiti ravaged by the earthquake, renovated buildings for at-risk youth and created an edible learning garden for children in Los Angeles. I’m fascinated by the intersection of design, innovation, philanthropy and commerce, which is why I’m excited to be a Toilet Hacker. I have found my people.
    Why I give a sh*t: I always have been known for getting sh*t done.

Our Advisors


  • Blake Burris



    Blake is a Cleanweb entrepreneur and founder of Dynamo Labs (a 1st-round recipient of Facebook’s fbFund). Dynamo helps people assess home energy usage and save money while shaving peak demand for utilities. Since 2006, Blake has organized Barcamps and developer events like Facebook Developer Garages and is a founding organizer of iPhoneDevCamp. More recently, he has worked on events to gather innovators building solutions for Clean Economy like Earth Day Dallas. He splits his time between Texas and the Bay Area.

  • Jocelyn Wyatt



    Jocelyn is the Co-Lead + Executive Director of IDEO.org, the non-profit organization started by IDEO to address poverty-related challenges through design and to encourage the use of human-centered innovation in the social sector. Jocelyn’s work focuses on identifying non-profit and social enterprises with whom to partner and designing innovative solutions related to water and sanitation, agriculture, energy, health, financial services, and early childhood education. Prior to joining IDEO in 2007, Jocelyn worked in Kenya as an Acumen Fund fellow and served as VisionSpring’s interim country director in India, where she helped increase the distribution of low-cost reading glasses to the urban and rural poor. She also did training, project management, and business development for Chemonics International, a contractor for USAID. Jocelyn received an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management and a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from Grinnell College in Iowa.

  • Ned Breslin


    Water for People

    Edward D. (Ned) Breslin joined Water For People as its director of international programs in January 2006 after working for close to 20 years focused on water and sanitation development in Africa. He was appointed Water For People’s CEO in 2009.

For over two decades, Ned has seen firsthand how conventional humanitarian approaches to safe water and sanitation access in the developing world are not scalable or sustainable — helping some but not others and often failing shortly after implementation. Finding this unacceptable, he has led innovative programmatic efforts that test new approaches to service delivery and that demand, among other things, greater accountability of water and sanitation programs.

 His focus has been on tackling key sustainability challenges and trying to find creative ways to eliminate community dependence upon charitable organizations. In 2011, Breslin received theSkoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship for his commitment and proven work in the water and sanitation sector.

  • Steven Sugden


    Water for People

    Steven has been working in the sanitation sector for over 20 years, starting as a VSO in Pakistan, moving on to Sudan, Nigeria and Malawi, after which he endured five years in academia at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. He is now with Water for People with whom he travels the slums of the globe trying to fathom out the complexity of sustainable sanitation, which to date, he has failed miserably to achieve anywhere. He has suffered a lot in the name of sanitation and now wishes for you to suffer in the same way.

  • John Sauer


    Water for People

    John Sauer is the head of communications and external relations for international programs at Water For People. He works to influence change in the water and sanitation sector to be results-driven by communicating programmatic achievements and challenges in field programs with key sector stakeholders. Before joining Water For People John worked as the communications director for Water Advocates in Washington, DC, implementing communications strategies to increase US support and action – in both the private and public sectors – for worldwide access to safe, affordable, and sustainable drinking water and adequate sanitation. John has worked as a program manager with several international humanitarian organizations over the last 20 years. His responsibilities ranged from managing water and sanitation projects in Uganda to developing an emergency aid program for street children in St. Petersburg, Russia.

  • Thea Aldrich


    Random Hacks of Kindness
  • Jerri Chou


    The Feast

    Jerri Chou lives social innovation as the Co-Founder All Day Buffet, The Feast Social Innovation Conference and TBD. She is also the head strategist at Lovely Day and works to make innovative social solutions the new standard for “business as usual.”