Toilet Dashboard


Crisis Statement

Platforms like mWater, OpenStreetMap, FLOW, Ushahidi and many others collect information about sanitation features (toilets, washing facilities etc.). Some of them have methods through RSS feeds, APIs that enable them to share their information. As over 1.2 billion people suffer from poor sanitation, causing disease, hygiene issues, child and adult mortality among many other problems. A tool is needed to unify these data streams to ensure that work isn’t being redoubled but also showing citizens how and what sanitation issues are being dealt with in their community.


Needs Statement

A dashboard which integrates many streams of sanitation data, showing location, number of sanitation features, who runs the features, who has paid for them etc. The dashboard must be generic and allow for users to integrate new data streams easily without writing code. is a good example of a dashboard, providing information from many streams to the citizens and government. This presents an interface from which they can learn more about specific data issues, be it about cycling, the transportation network or a geiger counter. Something similar needs to be created for sanitation data.


Impact Statement

Unifying some streams of data would show to citizens, governments, NGOs and other organisations the depth and breath of data which is currently available. Thus giving these groups information about work which is currently occuring in their locality and beyond.


Short Description

Many platforms exist for the collection of sanitation features. Some have APIs that enable them to to share their information.


Author: Markiliffe, GB
Hackathon site: London
Problem category: Governance, Toilets
Tags: open data dashboard data

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  1. This is an excellent problem definition… Have you curated a list of WASH data currently available? Do you have the api for the london dashboard??

    I think in Toronto we would be interested in co-collaborating on this project.



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