Why toilets?

One child dies every 17 seconds due to lack of sanitation, unclean water and poor hygiene.
Today, nearly 40% of the world does not have access to sanitation or toilets, or approximately the same number of people who live in the United States, India and Africa combined.



access to sanitation will keep girls in school
One out of every three girls in Sub-Saharan Africa drop out of school once they start menstruating due to the lack of access to toilets at schools.


access to sanitation will help eliminate disease
Improved access to sanitation and hygiene could liberate 1/2 of the hospitals beds in Africa. 1/10 of the world illnesses are caused by poor sanitation, bad hygiene and unsafe water.


access to sanitation is good business
Poor sanitation costs countries up to 7.2% of their GDP. Every dollar invested in sanitation brings an average $7 return in health costs averted and productivity gained.

What we do


HACKATHONS We bring together creatives, practitioners and leaders to design and engineer breakthrough solutions to the sanitation crisis.


CAMPAIGNS We are producing a ground swell of actionable awareness through creative campaigning, including the Do Epic Sh*t campaign, pop-up art gatherings, and a Global Exhibit.
CHAPTERS We are growing our international volunteer network through grassroots fundraising chapters, which will spur awareness, advocacy and donations.


FIELD PROJECTS With support from our implementing partners, we develop and execute sanitation and toilet projects that have real, measurable impact.
SUPER ALLIANCE We are creating an alliance of key organizations working together to make access to sanitation a universal right for everyone.