Best toilet paper for septic tank

toilet paper for septic tank

When talking about toilet paper, some people do not know its significance in the septic system. Having the right toilet paper is very essential in maintaining a functional septic tank for your toilet. Good toilet paper dissolves easily and doesn’t accumulate to form debris which can lead to serious damage to the septic system. It’s … Read more

How to stop toilet tank from sweating

How to stop toilet tank from sweating

Sweating is not only associated with human beings but toilet tanks as well, especially when the humidity rises. If your toilet tank sweats and you have no clue what is happening or the damage it will cause, you need to read this till the end. To some people, they wonder why toilet tanks sweat when … Read more

How to Replace Toilet Tank Parts

toilet tank diagram

So, it’s time for you to do what nature calls you to do. Then you make a visit to your toilet only for you to realize that your toilet isn’t flushing properly. Then you begin to wonder; what could be wrong? Could it be that the flapper valve is worn out or the fill valve … Read more

How to remove a toilet tank

How to remove a toilet tank

Experts say that toilets and toilet tanks can last up to 50 years if they are maintained properly but that doesn’t mean you won’t run into problems eventually. Over time, a toilet tank can become wobbly or cracked meaning that’s time to change your toilet tank for a new and improved one.         If your … Read more

How to drain a toilet tank

drain toilet

Knowing how to drain a toilet tank properly can come in handy. When you drain the water out of the toilet tank, you’ll be draining the remaining water from the toilet bowl as well. There are several reasons why you may be doing this – a crack in the toilet tank, faulty inner working pieces … Read more

How to Fix a Cracked Toilet Tank

How to Fix a Cracked Toilet Tank

You’re probably doing some cleaning or repairs in your toilet, then you accidentally dropped a weighty object on the tank. Your toilet tank is cracked! Now, what do you do? Let’s teach you how to fix a cracked toilet tank in this post. Yes, we know toilet tanks are mostly built to be sturdy and … Read more

How to clean Toilet Tank

How to clean toilet tank

This is a guide that is going to show you how to clean your dirty toilet tank and ensure the longevity of your toilet. Oftentimes when cleaning the bathroom, the toilet tank is the #1 most missed area that rarely or ever gets cleaned. Experts say that cleaning your toilet tank once or twice a … Read more

What Is a Fill Valve In Toilet? An Honest Look

What is a Fill Valve In Toilet? An Honest Look

Inside your toilet tank, there are different components that promote the flushing system in your toilet. One of these components is the fill valve. So, what is a fill valve in the toilet? Let’s delve in and discuss what a fill valve is all about. The fill valve in our toilet tank does wonders for … Read more

How Much Water Should Be In Toilet Tank

How Much Water should be in Toilet Tank

The toilet is one of the most utilized appliances in the home, yet even the greatest models eventually experience normal wear and tear. Given the variety of toilet styles in our houses, toilet use can be challenging to estimate how much water a toilet bowl would use just by looking at it.  Some Toilets are … Read more