How to Fix Toilet that Won’t Refill in 5 Minutes

How to Fix oilet that Wont Refill

There is nothing more horrifying than using a toilet to go about one’s usual routine only to realize that it won’t flush. You found out too late that the toilet tank is empty and you’re quietly thanking heavens for the toilet paper. Everyone must have experienced this once or twice and for sure, it is … Read more

Why Won’t My Toilet Stop Running?

Why Won't My Toilet Stop Running

Are you tired of constantly hearing your noisy toilet after you flush? A running toilet is frustrating, and can drive your water bill through the roof. If you notice some extra sounds after you flush where there should be silence, you have a running toilet on your hands. A constantly running toilet can cause a … Read more

How to Remove a Toilet in 5 minutes

How to remove your toilet in 5 minutes

Do you want to learn how to remove a toilet before calling a plumber? Good for you! This is indeed what every homeowner should do. Having a good idea of how things work will make you a good client who can make informed decisions with your plumber when problems with your toilet come around. On … Read more

How to Replace Wax Ring on Toilet

How to replace wax ring on toilet

The toilet wax ring is something that you don’t see or even notice when you go to the bathroom every day. This is a concealed part of your toilet that you may not know about. But it performs a very important function, nonetheless. Its main job is to connect the toilet to the floor and … Read more

Why Does My Toilet Whistle?

Why Does My Toilet Whistle

Did you ever go to the bathroom wondering where’s that whistling sound coming from whenever you’re inside? It may sound annoying to some, but this whistling noise is really coming from your toilet! Now we know what your next question is. Why does my toilet whistle? Well, that’s one plumbing phenomenon we’re going to learn … Read more

Why is My Toilet Seat Turning Blue?

Why is My Toilet Seat Turning Blue

It will certainly look and feel weird to see a blue stain on your otherwise white toilet seat. Once you see it, you might be asking this question in your mind, “Why is my toilet seat turning blue?” That blue color around the toilet seat is indeed one of the weirdest phenomena taking the internet … Read more

How to Empty Toilet Bowl

How to Empty Toilet Bowl

There are many reasons why you may need to empty your toilet bowl. But the most common reason is you want to replace your toilet fixtures. If this is the case, then the way to empty the toilet bowl is straightforward. On the other hand, if the reason is to fix it because you’re dealing … Read more

How to Stop a Toilet From Overflowing

How to stop toilet from overflowing

We’ve all had our fair share of plumbing issues and even an embarrassing toilet clog. You go to flush your toilet and find that it’s clogged, except this time the water doesn’t stop rising. Now you’ve got an overflowing toilet bowl and no idea what to do with it. So, how do you stop an … Read more