Elongated Vs. Round Toilets

Elongated Vs. Round Toilets

There are different types of toilets in today’s world and none of them are made equal. Some of these toilets are bigger in size than others. Some have more space than others for bigger people. Some are also more comfortable than others. But in all these, the toilets fall into two categories: elongated or round toilets. Each of these types of toilets has its own pros and cons.

When considering choosing a toilet that fits you that will also look great in your bathroom, it is essential you know the size of your bathroom first before knowing the size of the toilet to choose from. If you have a big toilet, an elongated or round toilet may be the best option for you without any issues. However, if you have a small bathroom space, then a round toilet may be the best option for you. 

The point here is that both elongated and round toilets have pros and cons. So in case you have been having issues choosing the suitable toilets that will meet your need, you are in the right place. This blog post will give you details of the pros and cons and a comparison of elongated vs. round toilets.


Pros and Cons of Elongated and Round Toilet

When you are buying a new toilet, there are a lot of things you need to consider. First, however, you need to understand that there is nothing without its bad side, and toilets are not an exemption. One of the things you need to consider is the flushing power, chair height, color and size. At the same time, most of the most crucial things that many overlook are elongated vs. round toilets. Here below, you are going to learn about the pros and cons of each toilet.

Elongated Toilets

Pros and Cons of Elongated and Round Toilet


  • Easier to clean. The first benefit of Elongated toilets is that they are easier to clean than other standard toilets. This is owing to the  size of the elongated bowl toilets being big enough for the toilet brush to scrub every corner. An elongated toilet is always clean because you won’t face any issues when you are trying to get stains to disappear.
  • It has enough space. Everyone is different in size and shape, so a toilet with a large space like the elongated toilet, is also comfortable for everyone. Elongated toilets make anyone of any size and shape feel comfortable sitting on them. It will make you feel protected when you sit down on it. With enough space on your toilet seat, you can do anything you want to do in your toilet. Also, sitting on an elongated toilet is excellent because it is good for your health and can make you relax whenever you feel like it.
  • Better for men to use. An elongated toilet is excellent for all gender, but it is most significant for men to use, especially men at a young age. If a man had problems reaching the bowl in the past, with the elongated shape, you can benefit greatly.
  • A powerful flush. In the elongated toilet, there is a lot of space in the bowl that allows you to flush easily. This can also help you to save water because there won’t be a need for you to dual flush to get your feces out of the toilet bowl. An elongated toilet doesn’t only offer a powerful flush, but it also helps to prevent clogs and backups because there is presence of enough water to get your feces to the right place. 


  • Pricing. An elongated toilet is more expensive than a round toilet because it is a new toilet. But the cost depends on the models you are considering.
  • Not suitable for small bathrooms. An elongated toilet is a big toilet and it is not suitable for you if you have a small bathroom. It is only effective when your bathroom is big enough.
  • Not great for small children. The elongated toilet bowl and shape are big, which is a bad option for small children. This is because they won’t be able to sit comfortably on it unless someone is holding them.

Round Toilet

Pros and Cons of Round Toilet


  • Suited for smaller spaces. The best thing to consider is a round toilet if your bathroom has a small space. This is because a round one won’t take up much space in your home.
  • It is costless. Unlike elongated toilets, a round toilet price is not expensive, and it is affordable for anyone, no matter your financial prowess. It is cheaper because the toilet has been around for a long time. It is also cheap because it doesn’t have a great design like other types of toilets.  
  • Easy for kids to use. A round toilet is the best toilet for children because of its small bowl. It is a good option because they would be able to sit on the round toilet seat post without falling into the bowl. Additionally, it is convenient and easy to use when it comes to potty training. In this process, you won’t have to buy additional products, and they will be able to use the actual toilet.
  • It is also suitable for special needs. A round toilet isn’t only good for kids. It is also a great option for people who are older, especially those that are on a wheelchair or a walker. In addition, the small bowl space gives a chance to help avoid accidents.


  • Not the best for larger people. The disadvantages of a round toilet seat are that it is an insecure facility for people with a bigger size. In most cases, you will need something bigger if you are a big person because a big space will make you more comfortable than a small space.

How to know if Your Toilet Seat is Round or Elongated

How to know if Your Toilet Seat is Round or Elongated

Knowing if a toilet is elongated or round when you are planning to buy one for your new home or when you visit a place can be challenging. This is possible because they look alike on the toilet bowl. You may even find it difficult to see the difference, but stores will tell you the difference. In this blog post, you are going to learn how to know the difference between the two. 

The first thing to do is to measure the distance of the bowl from the back edge to the front. You can do this by lifting your toilet seat, getting tape, placing the zero inches in the middle of the two bolts at the seat’s edge, and pulling your tape until it reaches the bowl’s edge.

Another thing you need to understand is that toilet seats are sold mainly by their shape and not by their length. So in cases where you want to change or want to replace your toilet seat, knowing the shape you already have and the one you want will help you a lot. This means there is no need for you to have the exact measurement. You can only have the exact measurement if you want a custom toilet.


Toilets are a significant thing in any home and in any bathroom design. However, depending on your bathroom size and shape and aesthetics, you have many options of toilets to choose from. In this part, we will have an in-depth look at the comparison between the elongated and round toilets. It is great to do because it will guide you in knowing what to expect when you get the toilet of your choice.


The shape and size of your toilet bowl doesn’t affect your bathroom appearance in any way. Both elongated and round toilets are attractive and look classy. However, today more than ever, most bathrooms are built in big sizes, making elongated bowl toilets more popular and most used. A round toilet has a circular bowl shape, while an elongated bowl is oval-shaped, and the shape extends further than that of a standard toilet.

The round toilet is popularly used by elders, and it is associated with smaller bathrooms. So due to this, the round toilet is still very much manufactured and available for purchase. However, the elongated bowl toilet is evolving just like its round counterpart.

Ease of Use

Elongated and round toilets can be used by any gender, either a man or a woman. But the fact is that a larger bowl, like that of an elongated toilet, is more comfortable to sit on. It is also an excellent option for men or children to use without having any mess because it has a wide area for easy cleaning.


Elongated toilets are designed in a modern style, while round toilets are traditional style. This means round toilets are primarily found in old houses and rarely found in new ones. But elongated toilets are found in new houses. The design of the elongated toilet is excellent because it is more appealing than round toilets. 


The space elongated, and round toilets will occupy are different from each other since the measurement of the production depends on the manufacturer. In most cases, an elongated bowl is 20-inches longer than a round front toilet. A suitable bathroom needs at least 21-inches space in its front for you to


When you are choosing a toilet, the best thing to consider is your comfort. Elongated toilets are manufactured to give comfort to users with bigger sizes because of their more significant surface area. And this as well makes it the first option for most people. However, it is also essential you understand that elongated toilets are only comfortable for some. Round toilets are the best options for kids because of their small bowl space.


The price of elongated and round-front toilets is different from each other. An elongated toilet is more expensive than a round toilet, even if it comes from the same style and manufacturer. For example, an elongated toilet costs around $250, while a round front with a classic style costs around $180. Apart from the cost of the purchase, the installation of the round toilet costs around $45, while that of an elongated toilet is $130. 

The installation price will also vary depending on your toilet location and pipe condition. Additionally, from the standpoint of water usage, using any type of toilet will cost you the same amount of water. So if you choose one toilet over another, it won’t in any way reduce the amount of water you will use.


The installation process of elongated and round toilets is installed in the same way. Depending on your choice, if the toilet has a separate bowl and tank, they will be done together. Then a wax ring will be joined together with a pipe called the waste pipe. After twisting it, pressure will be applied before you bolt the toilet. The only difference in the installation process is that an elongated toilet is a bit more cumbersome to carry than a round toilet.

Power of Flush

There are many types of flush technology in the toilet. For example, some toilets are double-cyclone flushes while some are pressure assisted. For example, when using an elongated toilet, you need to apply pressure to circulate the water in the bowl; this is the way the round toilet works.


When cleaning an elongated toilet, you’d notice it is easier to clean than a round toilet. This is because the elongated toilet shape has a crevice around the bowl, which makes for you to brush and scrub all through. But for a round shape, you will have to look through every corner to ensure there is no hidden stain. This means that the longer the shape of your toilet, the more you will be able to see the front of you the bowl, and it will make you able to clean it well.

Why are Toilet Types Important?

Toilets and bathrooms are the most important and private places in your home. And it will be very rare for you to allow someone to enter the bathroom with you when you are using it. It is also a private place in a home that collects all waste. So, figuring out your type of toilet is more important than you can ever imagine. In addition, it is essential to make you healthy and comfortable when using it.

Can Round Toilet Bowl be installed on an Elongated Toilet

Installing a round toilet bowl on an elongated toilet is risky because the toilet seat will look somehow. It will also look somehow because the round toilet bowl won’t cover the elongated toilet very well. So, it is not ideal you buy a round toilet bowl instead of an elongated toilet bowl on an elongated toilet. It is best you look well before you buy a toilet to avoid buying an elongated bowl and a round toilet.

Can Elongated Toilet Bowl be Installed on a Round Toilet

It is also a bad decision to install an elongated toilet bowl on a round toilet. Although it may look good and fit into it technically, but the effect is that you won’t be comfortable sitting on it. If you install an elongated toilet on a round toilet your front rim will hang on the bowl with few inches because it is not its size and shape. And it will also be unappealing. Additionally, there will also be a gap at the tip of the toilet bowl rim and the edge of the toilet seat.


Chose correct type of toilets is essential to make you healthy and comfortable when using it.

An elongated toilet is becoming popular because it is a modern toilet, while round toilets are fading away because it is a traditional toilet. In fact, the most round toilets are found in traditional homes. The elongated toilet is beautiful and has proved to be a better replacement for the round toilet.

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