How to Empty Toilet Bowl

How to Empty Toilet Bowl

There are many reasons why you may need to empty your toilet bowl. But the most common reason is you want to replace your toilet fixtures. If this is the case, then the way to empty the toilet bowl is straightforward. On the other hand, if the reason is to fix it because you’re dealing with a clogged toilet, then that’s a different story.

There are going to be a few more steps that you need to take to address a toilet clog, especially if they’re caused by toilet paper. Here, you’ll need to use a toilet snake or toilet auger first. In worst cases, you’ll need to do drain cleaning too. For that, it is best to hire a professional drain cleaner. So, with that said, be very careful not to flush paper towels into your toilet ever again.

Before you do anything, you must keep in mind that toilets are designed to contain water. That’s why it has a toilet tank in the first place. So, even if it seems that you have cleared out everything, there will still be tiny drops once you pull out the bowl from its mounting. This is something that you must be prepared for, even if you think you’ve placed every single drop into the drain.


Steps on How to Empty Toilet Bowl

If you’re ready to take on the otherwise complicated task of emptying the toilet bowl, take time to read all the steps outlined below before starting. You’ll need a lot of tools and handyman knowledge to make this work. If after reading the guide below you find a step or two a little too difficult, don’t hesitate to seek the help of professional plumbers. So, let’s get started. Below is a list of the things you need and the steps that you must follow.

Materials needed: 

materials needed steps how to empty toilet bowl

1. Prepare the floor area.

prepare the floor area how to empty toilet bowl

Expect to create some mess as you work on the toilet. So, make sure that you protect the bathroom floor accordingly. Lay some old towels on the floor to shield it from drips and splash back. Remove the toilet seat cover and put it in a safe place. In case there are some accidents on the floor, just clean it with dish soap and a toilet brush.

2. Cut off the toilet water supply.

Cut off the toilet water supply

You can’t drain the water from the toilet if the water keeps flowing through it. Find out how to turn off the water supply line to your toilet. There’s usually a shut-off valve located near the base of the bowl or toilet tank. To shut off the valve, turn it clockwise until you can no longer move it. The goal is to keep the toilet water level down, so be sure that the valve is shut tightly.

3. Flush.

Empty Toilet Bowl - Flush

With the valve shut off, it’s time to press the toilet flush valve to drain the water inside the toilet tank. You know very well that the toilet flush lever is connected to the toilet flapper and toilet float. Lift the toilet tank lid to check the water level inside the tank. Don’t forget to check the fill valve and fill tube while you’re at it.

Sometimes, water gets stuck in the overflow tube. You need to clear the remaining water inside the tank using a small cup and a sponge. Some people prefer to remove the toilet tank entirely. That would be for you to decide if you want to do that too.

4. Plunge.

plunge empty toilet bowl

With the water in the toilet tank out, you may now go to work on the toilet bowl. Use a plunger to move as much toilet water as you can down the septic tank. If you have a clogged drain, doing this will help a lot as well. Plunging helps clear out water from the toilet trap all the way into the toilet flange.

Wear rubber gloves and use the plunger on the toilet repeatedly until there’s little water seen inside the toilet bowl. Use a flange plunger for the best results. This action helps push toilet water into the septic tank faster than usual. After doing this, the clog in your toilet should be gone.

5. Siphon.

siphon how to empty toilet bowl

Plunging can only do so much. So, when plunging seems to no longer work, use a siphon to clear out the remaining water that the previous step can’t get into. You’ll need the flexible hose and bucket for this to work. Also, expect that you’ll get dirty after doing this part so be prepared. Be sure that you’re still wearing those rubber gloves.

Set the bucket on the floor near the toilet bowl. Fill the hose with water and use your fingers as a plug on both ends to keep the water from escaping. Carefully insert one end of the hose into the bowl. Make sure that the other end is dipped into the water before removing your finger.

The other end of the hose should be directed towards the bucket. As you remove your fingers from both ends of the hose, water will start to drain from the toilet bowl and into the bucket. Ensure that the bucket is lower than the toilet bowl or the siphon won’t work.

6. Scoop up excess water.

scoop up excess water how to empty toilet bowl

Even the siphon won’t be able to drain all the remaining water from the toilet bowl. You’ll still need to bail it out using a small cup. With your rubber gloves on, scoop up as much water as you can from the toilet bowl using a small cup. This will help lower the water level in the toilet bowl. You can apply this step when clearing out water from the toilet tank as well.

7. Use a sponge.

Use a sponge how to empty toilet bowl

If you have gotten this far, then you’re almost done clearing out the water from the toilet bowl. However, there is still a lot of water in there that you don’t see, especially if your toilet is equipped with a siphon jet. Keeping your gloves on, use a big sponge to absorb residual water from the toilet bowl. Squeeze the sponge into the bucket or straight into the toilet drain pipe. Do this repeatedly until there’s no water visible. This sponge technique may also be used to clear water from inside the toilet tank.

8. Vacuum

vacuum steps on how to empty toilet bowl

The last step to emptying your toilet bowl is using the wet and dry vacuum cleaner. Doing so should effectively clear out any remnants of water inside the bowl. However, you must only use this method if you’re dealing with clean toilet water. Vacuuming dirty toilet water is unsanitary.

Detach the filters of the vacuum cleaner and use them in wet mode. Be mindful not to overfill the bin when vacuuming. If the bin is filled with water, drain it first before storing it. Otherwise, there are high chances that you’ll spill water all over your home as you put back the vacuum in its storage.

Toilet Bowl Emptying Made Easy

Too low water level in the bowl

These are the steps to successfully remove water from your toilet bowl. While some of the steps are a bit complicated, they are still doable even if you’re not a plumbing expert. However, that doesn’t mean you’re not supposed to seek help from professionals either. After all, they can provide you with another plumbing service, such as water heater repair, so you’ll get continuous hot water from your shower.

Get the plumbing service that you need from trusted providers if you need help with bathroom renovations or repairs. After all, nothing beats the work of professionals, especially if you’re dealing with a clogged vent or toilet drain. With good plumbers helping you out, you’ll get your bathroom back in its best shape as soon as possible. That means you no longer have to deal with a clogged toilet ever again!

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