What Is Toilet Chain? – Everything You Need To Know

What Is Toilet Chain? Everything You Need To Know

There is so much going on inside the tank of your toilet that enables the smooth flow of water to flush. A toilet chain for instance is one crucial part of your toilet. So, let’s look at what a toilet chain is and find out its function.

For toilets that make use of a handle to flush, immediately you pull down the handle, there is this connection that enables easy flushing. Part of these connections is the toilet chain, the toilet lever, and the toilet flapper.

Never take your toilet chain for granted because if it breaks, it can impede your toilet’s overall performance. It’s even advisable you learn more about it so that you can give a quick diagnosis in case you encounter issues with the chain.

So, if you’re really interested in learning what a toilet chain is; you’ve come to the right place. We’re all about everything you need to know about toilet chain in this post.


What Is Toilet Chain And What’s Its Function?

What Is Toilet Chain And What’s Its Function?

So, what is a toilet chain, and what is its function? Just as the name implies, a toilet chain is a metal-linked chain that is short in length. It is as well regarded as a lift chain and it’s connected to the toilet lever and the toilet flapper.

Thanks to the mechanism of action of the toilet chain, toilet flapper, and handle, you can smoothly flush your toilet. These 3 toilet components work hand in hand to successfully perform a flush cycle.

Because of the numerous use of this toilet chain, the chain may wear down or even break. Other times, the chain may come out of place. So, what’s the solution to these toilet chain issues? Let’s look at this below.  

Does Your Toilet Chain Keep Coming Out Of Place? Learn Some Easy Fix

The first step to solving your toilet chain issues is to do some inspection. Therefore, carefully lift up the lid and take a peep into your toilet tank for some diagnosis. Your toilet chain can come out of place, break, or even get loose. Therefore, your toilet chain will need some quick fix or replacement.

Does Your Toilet Chain Keep Coming Out Of Place? Learn Some Easy Fix

· Loose or broken chain link

If your toilet chain just has a link that is loose or broken, especially in the middle of the link, just reattach it and that should be fine.

To do this, take out the flapper with the ring and check the situation. Put the pieces of the broken chain link back together and with the help of pliers, pinch the link you’ve just connected. Then you’re ready to reinstall the flapper ring into your toilet tank.

However, a flapper with a broken beaded chain can’t be reconnected. It’s best to replace the entire flapper with the chain.

· Disconnected toilet chain

Also, if you notice the flapper valve or the flush lever bar has been disconnected from the chain, simply reattach it.

However, if your toilet chain gets loose, rusty, or broken, we recommend you replace it rather than fix it. This toilet chain is pretty affordable and won’t even take much of your time to fix it.

What Happens When Your Toilet Chain Breaks Totally?

As we’ve stated earlier, never underestimate the function of your toilet chain. Once it breaks, your toilet will not flush and the handle will not work leaving your entire toilet incapacitated.

The only way to flush is for you to settle for manual flushing. And you can guess right that lifting your toilet lid and pouring water into the tank to flush can be quite daunting.

So, the best thing to do when your toilet chain breaks is to replace it. So, purchase a proper toilet chain and fix it right away and the fixing is pretty easy.

Guide To Buying Your Toilet Chain

These toilet chains often come as part flapper replacement or repair kit. It can also come as toilet’s refill repair kit. However, it’s crucial you know your toilet’s specific length and the toilet chain shouldn’t be extra tight or loose. Also, the length of the toilet chain shouldn’t be so short or extra long. 

How To Fix And Replace Your Newly Purchased Toilet Chain

Replace Your Newly Purchased Toilet Chain

After purchasing a new toilet lift chain that is connected to a flapper valve, it’s time to fix it. The good news is that you can do this chain fixing on your own.

Below we have outlined the steps of how you can replace your flapper valve lift chain:

  • Once your toilet lid has been carefully lifted, shut-off the water supply. Then flush the toilet to empty the toilet tank so you can work inside the tank.
  • To the broken lift chain, disconnect it with the flapper valve from the flush lever. Pull the two sides attached to the pegs of the overflow tube and discard it.
  • An extra tip is to wipe the seat of the flush valve using a soft cloth just to ensure a good seal.
  • To the newly purchased flapper valve, connect it to the two sides of the pegs of the overflow tube. Position the flapper valve to the base of the tank.
  • Now, it’s time to clip the chain of the new flapper valve to the flush lever and leave an extra slack. Make sure you test it by pushing the flush handle to ensure the flapper valve moves according to the ideal range of motion. Then if there’s any need for adjusting the toilet lift chain, do so accordingly.
  • Next, put on the water supply so the tank can refill. Take note that the flapper valve that is at the base of the tank is totally sealing the water in the tank.
  • Then to the final part, pull the flush handle to test the cycle of the flush. Once everything is perfect, put back the tank’s lid and your toilet is good to go.

Final Note

The status of your toilet chain can make or break how your toilet functions. So, make sure you’re well enlightened about what a toilet chain is and how it functions.

Everything you need to know about what a toilet chain is has been outlined in this insightful post so we hope you’ve learned one or two things.

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