Finding The Best Toilet Flapper: What to look out for

Finding The Best Toilet Flapper: What to look out for

Most of the time when you experience a great repetitive noise from your toilet flapper or leakages, you begin to wonder what’s happening to your toilet flapper, the right solution to apply, and how to go about it. The thought of having to spend more on water bills as a result of the water wastage from the old flapper is even more irritating and downtrodden. Don’t ask how I know, because I’ve already been in your shoes before.

The truth is, a toilet flapper is an important element in the constituents of your toilets and provides an efficient sewage disposal system, so it’s something that needs urgent attention. It is an intrinsic part of a toilet that helps to cleanse and culvert water from the toilet tank into the bowl. This flapper is joined to the tank lever with the aid of a small chain where it carries out its function. You can get the best toilet flapper that will serve you a long time without breaking a sweat if you read till the end.

A bad toilet flapper makes water flow with high pressure which wastes water. From research, up to 30 gallons of water is wasted monthly by bad toilet flappers. This means 1 gallon of water is being wasted daily by a spoiled toilet flapper. You shouldn’t fret over this because there are several options to utilize in getting our desired flappers.


Type of flappers

When talking about toilet flappers it’s vital to know the different types of flappers available based on the materials they are composed of and how best they can be put to use. They include:

  1. Rubber type

Rubber flapper beats the competition when referring to the toilet flapper with great strength. It is frequently used in toilet repair kits and has the shape of an upside-down hat. It is made with a rubber cap attached at the base of the overflow pipe by a hinge.  They are mostly used in residential buildings and initiated on the valve opening.

The rubber cover is connected to the toilet handle by a chain. When the toilet is not in use the flapper remains in position above the flush valve, retaining the water in the tank.

The chain rises when the handle is pressed, causing the flapper to be pulled open. As a result, the toilet bowl may be flushed and water can leave. The flapper returns to its original position after the tank is full, allowing water to fill it.

  1. Tank ball flapper

Tank ball flapper is made up of a rubber ball that plugs the drain hole which prevents the wastage of water. In a real sense, this flapper appears more plug shaped. However, it has a large ball with various shapes depending on the toilet’s needs.

Tank ball flapper has a specific design that can only fit into some toilets which is why it is not commonly used. This flapper system does not require a chain system but a metal rod attached to the toilet lever arm. The flush lever pulls the stopper out of the flush valve when the toilet is flushed, enabling the water to drain from the tank.

  1. Seat disk flapper

Seat disk flapper is the oldest of all types of flappers, it makes use of a plastic or rubber disk (The oldest kind of disk) to cover the toilet tank drain thereby filling up the toilet. A hinge is used to attach the plastic tube that holds the disk to the overflow tube. Once this is put in place and the toilet is washed, the rubber disk separates from the drain allowing the draining of the tank.

It uses less time which functions as a counterweight to keep the flapper open until the tank has emptied its content. Once the water has been drained from the tank, the flapper returns to its initial position allowing the tank to rise again. A counterbalance is provided by the water inside the tube. If it empties too rapidly, the drain aperture will close before the tank is empty. A weaker flush might result from this.

What to look out for when choosing the best toilet flapper.

choosing the best toilet flapper

When looking forward to buying a toilet flapper some features must be checked to ensure its usage, either its durability or size. Those features include:

  1. Materials

Some flappers are made up of both plastics and rubber. The plastic provides rigidity and ensures the flapper is connected to the overflow tube easily while the rubber ensures a tight seal is created over the flush valve by the flapper to prevent water from getting out of the tank.

The problem mostly associated with plastics and rubber is that they deteriorate over time, hence the reasons why manufacturers come up with a solution to prevent or extend the life cycle of the materials. They do this by employing materials to resist chlorine, bacteria growth, hard water, and other elements that can degrade the rubber. A flapper typically lasts for three to five years.

A leak occurs when a flapper starts to malfunction because it is unable to form a water-tight seal with the flush valve. The characteristic sound of water flowing from your toilet usually indicates that there is a leak. The toilet must often refill to maintain the tank due to a faulty flapper.

  1. Purpose

The purpose is also a major criterion when selecting the best toilet flapper. A flapper can perform many options. The first is to allow your toilet to flush. Sometimes, it also sits idly on the toilet tank valve preventing waste of water while it keeps the water full.

The flapper opens when the time is right, allowing the water in the tank to exit via the valve and flush the toilet. It then returns to its original position after the tank has been emptied.

  1. Size

When talking about sizes, we are referring to the length. Toilet flappers are mainly of two sizes the 2-inch and 3-inch types. Majorly toilet flappers are 2-inches while only a few people have 3-inch sizes. However, It should be noted that both are good but the larger the size the greater force it will use to flush with less water.

The drain opening at your tank bottom would help you determine the size of flush valve you need. A 2-inch wide is about a baseball-sized aperture while the 3-inch opening can be compared to a grapefruit in size. You may also use a tape rule to measure the diameter of the tank’s bottom hole.

  1. Closing time

The closing time range of a flapper shouldn’t be taken lightly as it dictates the mode of operation and the efficiency of the system. This is why the closing time is to be checked before buying a toilet flapper. If its closing time is too small, and the flapper closes before the tank empties, the power of the flush will be affected.

This can result in clogs or buying another flush when the original one is no longer useful. In some cases, it can cause fresh water entering the tank to get drained leading to water wastage and an increase in water bills. You can go for flappers with an adjustment dial too. It adjusts the rate of air escape from the flapper’s valve and this affects how long it takes before the flapper shuts.

The flush volume can be controlled with the adjustment dial which means the flushing power will increase. Some toilet flappers may have floats attached to the chain to increase their flushing power. As a person looking for the best toilet flapper, you can look into these closing time factors to choose the right one for you.

  1. Fill valve repair

One of the major components of a toilet tank is the fill valve. The fill valve performs the function of refilling the tank after being emptied through the flush valve. It’s only ideal that you have a repair kit for your flapper even if you want to replace it.

It is essential to replace all the components in a toilet tank when installing a flapper. This will give you a clearer view of where faults might come from.

  1. Warranty

There are different flapper types in the market with different durability and size. So, it might be hard to choose the one that is best for you. However, it is paramount that you check the warranty each product offers before making a purchase, it will allow you to return it if it doesn’t fit into your toilet. A review of the product is also essential to check.

TOP 5 Best Toilet Flappers

1. Korky toilet flapper

If you are looking for a strong, long-lasting, and premium toilet flapper, you shouldn’t think otherwise, Korky toilet flapper wins the trophy. The tons of reviews it has on Amazon prove its effectiveness. It is a universal flapper ideal only for 2-inch toilet models.

Korky toilets have a compatibility of close to 5 gallons per flush ratings. Just as the saying goes “The effectiveness of a product is not proof by words but by actions.” Its role in ensuring toilet flush with the right application is the key to its high review. This system is made of durable rubber that can resist chlorine attacks and other hard water such as well water, and spring water.

Korky toilet flappers have a tight seal that prevents leaks and can be used by any flush valve drain. The stainless steel chain on the toilet tank flapper is bend, rust-resistant and adjustable. The flapper is versatile but still more functional than its competitors because it has different settings to fit the widely used sizes on the market.

Pros of Korky toilet flapper

  • It runs high-pressure water into the toilet bowl
  • The flapper is multi-directional and can be easily adjusted to fit the toilet valve
  • It is made up of strong rubber that makes a watertight seal.
  • It resists chemical attacks.
  • It can easily be install
  • Perfect fill valve fit

2. Fluid Master universal toilet flapper

Many users can testify to how effective it is in providing a seamless flushing system. It is most recommended for your toilet tank. Fluidmaster perfectly fits into a 2-inch flush valve and has a stunning design framework that can be adjusted to fit other toilet tanks, this means you can use it for any of the 2-inch size toilets. What a premium toilet flapper.

It is easy to install and fits into the flush valve to make opening and closing relatively easy. No need to worry about your flapper not closing properly. The toilet flapper has strong structures that prevent twisting when the valve is in use. It also prevents corrosion and ghost flushing.

The flapper may be adjusted to reduce water loss from leaks. Additionally, the flapper adjustment improves flush effectiveness even more.

The Microban substance that makes up Fluidmaster resists breakdown that causes leaks. The substance resists chlorine and deters microorganisms. It is unaffected by hard water as well.


  • It resists chemical attack
  • It is made of materials that prevent the flapper from corroding easily.
  • It helps in increasing flushing efficiency
  • Easy installation
  • The toilet valve is easily adjusted.
  • It prevents ghost flushing.

3. Toto flapper replacement

If you have an old flapper that doesn’t flush properly, the amount of wastewater will increase, and this will affect your water bill. In this case, getting a Toto toilet replacement flapper is the best solution. Toto flapper replacement works best in fixing a messed-up toilet. The flapper is made up of plastic majorly polypropylene which makes it lightweight, durable, and resistant to chemical and different water attacks.

It has a rubber seal that functions to retain water in the tank all the time. Toto toilet flapper has a 3-inch size on the valve which results in its high flushing power. It is very easy to install and you don’t need any technician to help fix it for you.


  • It is made up of materials that prevent water and chemical attack.
  • It is the most suitable for flapper replacement.
  • The flapper is long-lasting
  • It opens and closes with a high-pressure flush.
  • It has high reviews from users.

4. Kohler flapper

Kohler toilet flapper is one of the best flappers with high efficiency in the market. Kohler toilet flapper enables you to modify the flush volume of your toilet by adjusting the floats on its chain. For greater flushing force, slide the float up; for greater efficiency and a lower water cost, slide it down. With just 1.28 liters of water, its huge 3-inch size enables a more powerful flush.

The flush valve is well sealed by the all-rubber structure, preventing leaks into the bowl. This flapper is simple to install with snap-on fasteners and a big clip that keeps the chain tightly fastened to the lever. Only toilets that use 1.28 gallons each flush will function with this flapper and float kit.


  • It has a high-flushing power
  • It has an adjustable valve
  • The flapper is durable and can stand harsh conditions.
  • Easy installation

5. Lavelle toilet flapper

This flapper, sold under the Korky brand by Lavelle, has an adjustable float that makes changing the flush volume simple. You can just slide the float up the chain to increase flushing power or down the chain to decrease water use. The particular red rubber material used in this model, which is resistant to bacteria, chlorine, and hard water, increases the life of the flapper like all of Korky’s flapper products.

This flapper fits the majority of toilets owing to its universal fit design, including the American Standard toilet, Kohler, and Glacier Bay. A stainless steel chain is kink-resistant to stop unintentional leaks and won’t corrode. The chain is kept firmly fastened to the toilet’s lever by a hook clasp. Lavelle toilet flappers are mainly used in residential buildings and have high reviews in online marketplaces.


  • It is adjustable
  • It has high flushing power.
  • It is resistant to corrosion and other chemical attacks.

Cheap vs Expensive options

This is essential to discuss, some people think, the higher the price of a toilet flapper the more the quality. However, this is not true. You can decide to go for either a cheap option or an expensive one based on your preference and the kind of material it is made from.

For instance, if you want flappers made with plastics rather than rubber, or one with a flush valve drain, there will be a price difference. Also, most of the higher priced flappers are based on the high reviews gotten from the users, so you shouldn’t be afraid to go for the one that meets your demands.

Where to buy

You can buy your toilet flapper in several places, mainly online marketplaces like Amazon, Alibaba, Walmart, Ubuy, eBay, etc. You just navigate through their website and order the one you prefer.


Yes, this is also very important, some toilet flappers can be easily installed while some require the service of a technician to install them. You should go for the one you feel is best for you, however, if you can’t afford the charges of a technician to help you fix it, you can go for options like Fluidmaster universal toilet flapper that can be easily installed without a technician.

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