Best toilet paper for septic tank

toilet paper for septic tank

When talking about toilet paper, some people do not know its significance in the septic system. Having the right toilet paper is very essential in maintaining a functional septic tank for your toilet. Good toilet paper dissolves easily and doesn’t accumulate to form debris which can lead to serious damage to the septic system.

It’s vital to know the right toilet paper to use for your septic system to avoid clogs, dreaded messy toilets, and expensive repairs. Most of the time, you see some people complaining about repairing their septic pipes all the time. I can say 80% of this issue comes from using unfit toilet paper.

Good toilet paper must be easy to use, flexible, and durable. This is why it’s very important to know the right one to buy for yourself. Never worry, here is a breakdown of everything you need to choose the right toilet paper, and examples of the best paper to choose from.


Criteria to consider Before choosing toilet paper for your septic tank.

Ultra-plush toilet paper might be the first option that comes to your mind when the toilet paper issue is concerned, however, it is not the best option for your septic tank since it doesn’t dissolve easily and can accumulate to form clogs in your septic system.

This is why it is very important to look into some features before picking one. There are numbers of toilet paper that might seem to be the best option, however, read to the end to know what’s best for you. Here are some of the features to look out for in toilet paper:


I can tell you, the first thing to check for is its dissolvability. If your toilet paper has a high dissolvability rate, don’t go for it, regardless of whether it is soft or not. This will prevent you from constantly spending money on repair work. A septic-safe toilet paper derives its name because it dissolves easily to maintain the efficiency of the system.

You can test the toilet paper to be sure of its dissolvability by mixing it with a few large cups of water and patiently waiting till it dissolves. It’s important to check the time rate of its dissolvability. Note, not all toilet paper labeled as the septic-safe paper is good, and not all toilet paper not labeled as septic-safe paper is bad, some can dissolve more in water.

A typical example is biodegradable and recycled toilet paper which is a good septic-safe paper because of how they are made. Recycled toilet paper has a better chance of dissolving faster because they are made from shorter recycled fibers which break down easily compared to long strong fibers. These differences make recycled toilet paper a good fit for septic tanks.

Most toilet paper is usually made from biodegradable materials because they dissolve faster than standard rolls. It also requires less water to break down, therefore, you won’t have to pay much for the water bill.


Whoever tells you strength is not a major criterion in deciding the best toilet paper for your toilet tank is deceiving you. A toilet paper that tears easily when punctured is not good for a septic tank toilet. So it’s very essential to consider the strength of the paper when wet.

Some papers are just too soft, they can’t hold up to tearing when wet, and are not good as toilet paper. You should know that there is a difference between strength and dissolvability. A good toilet paper must have great strength to carry out its function and also easily break up.

When comparing strength one-ply and two-ply toilets are the most common picks for septic systems and both can be used. One-ply toilet paper is not that strong compared to two-ply, but still good and safe for septic tanks with a fast dissolving rate. The two-ply toilet paper is stronger, more durable, and easy to use and also dissolves without taking a long time.


Anaerobic bacteria found in septic tanks help break down waste. However, if toilet paper contains chemicals it might affect the septic system. The average equilibrium in the septic tank can be disturbed by a variety of common chemicals, including bleach, solvents, and various cleaning supplies, which can also impact how waste breaks down.

Avoid using toilet paper that has been chemically treated. Toilet paper is usually bleached to get its white tone, thus chlorine-free toilet paper is a preferable option since too much bleach might disrupt the decomposition process.

Once more, think about using recycled or biodegradable toilet paper- they are a good option when considering a chemical attack. The fact that biodegradable and recycled toilet paper often requires fewer chemicals to be processed means that it is less prone to leach pollutants into your body.

Roll size

Another property to consider is the roll size. Toilet paper comes in different rolls with different labels and unique benefits from regular to mega rolls. There is no standard size to measure toilet paper rolling, but you can employ other techniques that seem best to you in finding out the cost-effectiveness and the best roll size for your septic system.

Many people have their preferences in this regard, looking at the sheet per roll can help determine if the toilet paper is worth the price tag. However, you should keep the following in mind in the process of analyzing: quality of toilet paper, thickness, and sheet size. This will help you know the number of sheets required in your toilet.

When picking roll size, keep in mind your planned purpose and the available area. A smaller roll size is preferable if you have a small roll holder, little storage space, or if the toilet paper will be used in an RV toilet or boat restroom. A larger roll size could be more practical if you’re supplying a restroom with lots of visitors.


This factor can’t be stressed enough, different toilet papers have different absorbing rates. Thicker toilet papers are more absorbent than thin paper but it can be harmful to a sensitive septic tank. So it’s best not to use an ultra flush paper that looks like a paper towel but rather use toilet paper- it will tell on its dissolvability.

Ultra-thick toilet paper might clump up rather than break down when flushed, even though it is more porous to use. The issues arise when toilet paper begins to clump and accumulate; this can lead to excessive accumulation or begin to obstruct drainage. Choose a toilet paper that is appropriate for septic systems, the one that is thick enough to be absorbent yet made to degrade quickly after flushing.


No one likes using rough or harsh toilet paper. So it’s essential to select a soft, enjoyable-to-use toilet paper that is septic-safe for your comfort.

Remember that a lot of ultra-soft toilet paper isn’t designed for septic systems. Although they have a plush surface that makes them seem opulent to use, their long, thick strands often tend to decompose more slowly than other varieties of toilet paper.

Instead, search for toilet paper that is appropriate for septic systems that are both soft enough for everyday use and not too plush to prevent breakdown. For everyday usage, two-ply toilet paper could be more comfortable than one-ply types.

Top ten toilet paper for septic tank

Here are the top ten toilet papers will high quality and great dissolvability you can use for your toilet:

1. Cottonelle Ultra CleanCare Toilet paper.

This is a one-ply toilet paper for all septic tanks. It is soft and breaks down easily without using much water. It has an absorbent texture for a plusher. Cottonelle Ultra Cleancare has a sheet that is biodegradable for a septic-safe, clog-free, and sewer-safe flush.

This toilet paper gives a firm and thorough clean despite being single-ply. It has Active Cleaning Ripples from Cottonelle, a textured surface design that aids in improved absorption and cleaning. It has a thickness of about three times stronger than other brands.

Each roll also contains plant-based fibers from sustainably managed forests. This package contains 24 rolls of 388-sheet jumbo toilet paper. Though not as thick as others, but very durable. You can get it online or in any local store.

2. Scott rapidly dissolves the wallpaper

Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper is a great option for sensitive septic systems, RVs, buses, and boats since it dissolves rapidly without wasting water. This clog-free paper is designed to dissolve as soon as it is flushed, preventing the accumulation of debris and clumps. Scott claims that compared to the typical leading brand, this specifically formulated toilet paper degrades up to four times more quickly.

Every single one-ply sheet is tender, absorbent, and good for the skin as well as septic systems. It should come as no surprise that these sheets break down so quickly that they are completely biodegradable and will eventually contribute less waste to your septic tank. 48 double rolls with 231 sheets each make up this bundle.

3. Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet paper

You can get Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet paper for less price and without its quality reduced. This toilet paper has a thickness that is about four times stronger than other types of brands. It offers a cog-free guarantee and maintains its standard. Allying with a Rainforest Alliance Certification also boosts their acceptance and quality.

Charmin Toilet paper has a roll-fit guarantee. If it doesn’t fit into the role, it’s advisable to contact them if it doesn’t fit into any rolls. Just 18 of their rolls are equivalent to 90 regular toilet rolls, which tells the difference in their strength.

4. Angel Soft Toilet Paper

Some people believe scented toilet paper is better to use for your toilet tank, however, this is not true. It isn’t the most septic-safe option you can adopt. Angel soft toilet paper has no distinct scent like regular toilet paper, the paper is not scented but the roll tube is scented to give you a more refreshing smell without causing any harm.

This roll tube scent doesn’t have any effect or add chemicals to your septic tank but only gives a scintillating lavender scent. Angel soft toilet paper is certified with SFI’s standard which makes it an eco-friendly toilet paper choice. It dissolves easily too and is designed to make users comfortable.

It is soft and has more strength, also since the paper isn’t fragranced, it is still a standard sewer and well-maintained system. 48 of their double roll is equivalent to 96 of their regular toilet paper. You can also get about 200+ two-ply sheets from this toilet paper.

5. Presto Ultra soft tissue paper

If you are tired of constantly changing your toilet paper or it is used by many people and tears easily, Presto might be the best choice for you. It is a two-ply mega roll with unique strength and durability. It is also soft, and strong, and lasts up to four times longer than any other brand or average regular roll.

Presto toilet paper has 24 large rolls with 308 4-inch by 4-inch sheets per roll. It is made from pulp sourced from sustainably forested wood (conifers). This toilet paper is strong but dissolves easily, making it safe for septic systems and RVs. Plus, it’s designed to leave less lint behind for a healthier wipe and a comfortable bathroom. Also, the price is affordable pocket-wise.

6. Caboo Tree Free Bamboo Toilet Paper

The bamboo and sugarcane toilet paper from Caboo is a fantastic substitute for regular toilet paper. Grasses, bamboo, and sugarcane degrade fast, making them a fantastic choice for septic tanks and recreational vehicles. And you shouldn’t fret, they are still comfortable to use because they contain soft fibers, especially sugarcane.

Caboo has certification with the following agencies BRC, FSC, FDA, and ISO. Caboo’s 2-ply toilet paper is not only environmentally friendly but also entirely biodegradable and fragrance-free. Parabens, harmful chemicals, and chlorine are absent from it, which makes it a standard sewer for your septic system. It is a great choice for septic tank maintenance.

7. Aqua soft toilet paper

Aqua soft toilet paper is an accurate option for sensitive septic systems with smaller waste collection systems. I knew vividly, you won’t want your toilet to be blocked due to an undissolved toilet clog. Aqua soft toilet paper is specifically designed for RVs, boats, and marine sanitation systems to give a good septic system.

Aqua soft toilet paper is 100% biodegradable which means it dissolves easily and faster without much water. This two-ply sheet is also soft and absorbent, it includes 396 sheets per roll. It’s ideal for a weekend trip.

8. Pacific blue embossed toilet paper

Pacific Blue, previously known as the Preference brand, formulates a two-ply toilet product which complies with EPA requirements for recycled fiber content by containing at least 20% post-consumer recycled fiber.

This indicates that it disintegrates swiftly and is acceptable for use in septic tanks and all sewage systems. You can wave goodbye to your concerns about a blocked toilet with pacific blue toilet paper.

This brand has two certificates that indicate its environmental friendliness. They have both Compact By Design (by Amazon) and ECOLOGO certifications. It’s the best choice of toilet paper for your septic tank.

9. Solimo toilet paper by Amazon

Solimo is a two-ply toilet paper produced by Amazon. Talking of Amazon you should be well assured of its quality and long-lasting nature. It is extracted by Amazon by using pulp from a responsible tree. This makes it environmentally friendly and safe for septic use.

It has a certification from the Standard Forestry Initiatives (SFI). If you are looking for sewage and septic-safe paper and testing various brands, you can try solimo toilet paper because they have a refund policy. If it doesn’t work for you, your money will be refunded.

10. Seventh-generation white toilet

The white toilet paper from Seventh Generation is excellent for septic systems. Toilet paper made from recycled materials without additional scents or colors is known as Seventh Generation toilet paper. It is a toilet paper choice that is safe for septic systems because it isn’t bleached with chlorine.

A fantastic option for those who care about the environment is Seventh Generation. The 2-ply paper has received Forest Stewardship Council and Rainforest Alliance certification. In addition, Seventh Generation is RV-friendly.

Bad toilet paper you shouldn’t use

If you are looking for the best toilet paper for your septic tank, there are some worst toilet papers you shouldn’t try. They include:

  • Scented toilet paper: It can disrupt the septic tank and cause damage to the tank’s bacteria.
  • A quilted toilet paper: this is because they dissolve slowly in water.
  • Colored or decorated toilet paper is bad for your septic tank.
  • Also, toilet paper with multiple layers like the 4-ply toilet paper is not good as it dissolves slowly.


Having good toilet paper is crucial in maintaining a safe and perfect septic tank. It helps prevent clogs and spending on repairs of septic tanks. This is why it’s very important to watch out for some criteria when looking out for the best toilet system. Stated above are the best ten toilet papers for your septic tank.

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