Where To Put A Toilet Paper Holder in a Small Bathroom

Where To Put A Toilet Paper Holder in a Small Bathroom

Is your bathroom already barely big enough for you to sit down in? From interior design enthusiasts to those who just want their toilet paper roll close, we’re all scratching our heads on a good place for it. There’s already a space issue, so taking up even more room is a no-go for most with small restrooms. So where do you put it?

Easy! There’s plenty of options that range from mounts to free-standing roll holders that won’t clutter up your cozy loo.


Things to Consider When Choosing a Toilet Paper Holder

We’re all here for the same answers: how can I save some toilet space? Before I get to that, there’s some other things to think about before ultimately deciding on your holder methods.

Since your bathroom is small, you have to make sure you find a place for your holder where it won’t be in the way. A stubbed toe is no more fun for the next person than it is for you.

The holder needs to be accessible for everyone that’s using the toilet. If you can’t reach the toilet roll, what’s the point of getting a holder?

Some of the best places for a toilet paper holder are hanging from the side of the toilet tank, free-standing on the floor, and even mounting the holder to the wall. All are viable options that need to be considered. Choose the option that works the best for you and the space you have available.

For mounting holders, there’s options of drilling and adhesive mounts. If you’re not cool with the idea of drilling into your restroom wall, there’s plenty of self-sticking options out there. This is especially convenient for those who are renting. No damages, no fees. Just be sure you purchase one that’s made of stainless steel so it won’t get rusty over time. Bathrooms are damp environments so rust is a great concern.

The final thing you need to keep in mind is proper toilet roll storage. If your extra roll isn’t stored in a great place, it can become dirty and dusty. If you don’t have a stash of extra toilet paper, it might be an embarrassing situation for whoever’s doing their business. So, if you lack the space for a typical toilet paper storage, here’s some great toilet paper holder ideas for small bathrooms.

ADA Toilet Paper Holder Requirements

The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) sets guidelines and requirements that you should keep in mind when choosing where to put your toilet roll holder. Mainly, these guidelines just make sure that the roll is within reach of the user.

To be ADA compliant, the holder should be mounted between 19-26 inches above the floor. If you’re not sure if you’ve done the job right, consult your local plumber.

NBKA Toiler Paper Holder Requirements

There’s another set of requirements you should take a look at. The NBKA (The National Kitchen + Bath Association) has put out some steps to ensure a proper holder as well.

According the the NBKA, the holder needs to be at least 15 inches high from the floor. It also shouldn’t be any more than 54 inches away from the center of the toilet. As with the ADA, this is just to ensure proper accessibility for everyone.

Mounting Options

There’s numerous ways to mount your holder on the wall or even to the side of your vanity. Keep reading for some inspiration!

Wall-Mounted Holder

socci bathroom wall mounted toilet paper holder in chrome

The most common place to mount a toilet roll is on the wall next to the toilet. In general, the holder can be placed in the front or to the side of your toilet. Depending on the layout of your bathroom, you can also use the wall behind your toilet if necessary. It might warrant some more reaching than normal, but it’s still a good option if you’re lacking the wall space.

A good rule of thumb is to mount the holder no more than a foot from the top of your toilet. This’ll give you an easy to reach toilet paper roll without the need to stand or move. Of course, one size doesn’t fit all. Make sure you measure your mounting spot before you drill in case there’s a length that would suit you better.

Other Mounting Options

If wall-mounting is not an options, there’s still plenty of things you can attach your holder to. Following the same parameters for the wall mounts, you can mount your holder to the side of your sink, your bathroom cabinet, the back of your door, or even your bathtub. Whichever location you can easily reach and that’s comfortable for you will depend on personal preference.

Basically, if you can mount a holder to pretty much any hard surface you can find. Whereas you can’t really drill into your bathtub, self-adhering holders were made for these tricky choices.

Shelf Mounting Storage

the toilet floating shelves

If you’re looking to store an extra roll or two, shelves and baskets are for you.

If you opt for a basket or a floating shelf, this will allot you some extra storage for some toilet rolls. A floating shelf won’t touch your floor or ceiling and are one of the most common ways of storing toilet paper. This way, you’ll have some extra on hand for when you run out.

Recessed Toilet Paper Holder

toilet paper holder

If your walls are super crowded, a recessed holder is a great approach. This kind of holder is set into the wall, that way the roll is flush with the surface, saving some extra space where you need it. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for storage options, this approach can’t store more than one roll at a time. Recessed toilet paper holders might require a little bit more work than a typical holder, since it requires being set into the wall.

Over the Side Hanging Options

The toilet tank itself is a viable option for handling your toilet rolls. If you’re very limited on bathroom space, these racks will go right over your tank, taking up little to no extra space. Over the door racks are another great option. They’ll be out of the way and depending on your bathroom layout, within perfect reach of the toilet.

Over the Tank Rack

toilet paper holders bathroom accessories hardware bathroom

As long as you’ve got a flush handle, you’re good for an over the tank storage rack. If your toilet is button flush, it might be a little more difficult to find a rack that can accommodate for that.

If you’ve got some free space above your tank, you can use it to mount a rack that can hold items on the top and even the sides. You can pack it however you like, and can use it to store multiple rolls. Extra toilet paper, decorations, even towels and other bathroom accessories can be stored here. It’s whatever your heart desires.

This can also be put together with a toilet paper holder. Using the rack on its own is fine, but might be annoying when you have to reach around to pick up the roll every time. If you can add a holder to the set, then you’ll have storage and a convenient holder.

Over the Toilet Rack


This is another great storage option. Instead of sitting directly on the toilet tank, the rack extends above the back of the toilet. While it’s a huge space saver, you’ll have to sacrifice convenience and turn around to access the tissue.

You can store plenty of other things like a towel or two, a spare roll, and even some large rolls. If you’re looking for a toilet roll holder, this method is unfortunately just mostly storage.

Floor Toilet Roll Holders

Not into the mounting holes or a wall anchor mount? No worries, there’s plenty of holders you can buy without having to poke a hole in any of your walls.

Free-standing Holder

Toilet holder stand freestanding toilet paper holder with reserve for bathroom housen solutions

Free-standing toilet paper holders are mobile and easy to stuff in the smallest space that you might have available for it. Most can hold up to three rolls worth of storage space. This kind of toilet paper dispenser is best in the corner next to your toilet. They’ve got extra bathroom storage and incorporate a a toilet paper roll holder.

Basket or Bucket Holders

standing magazine toilet

Not trying to splurge on a fancy TP holder? Totally get it. If you’re looking for something cheap that you’ve got at home (that still satisfies your inner interior design needs), look in your closet for a wooden bucket or a woven basket. For a simple design, just grab your bucket or basket of choice and throw some toilet rolls in, and you’ve got yourself a DIY toilet paper holder.

If you still want an actual roll holder, you can screw a rolling rod in at the top of the bucket to place the roll you’re using onto. Then you’ve got yourself a functional 2-in-1 toilet paper holder.

Corner Toilet Paper Holders

Corner Toilet Paper Holders

Another great space saver is the corner toilet paper stand. There’s various options for design and they all have shelves that can store some extra rolls. Best part of all, it’s nicely tucked away in the corner of your bathroom. Stylish and space saving!

DIY Toilet Paper Holder Ideas

Feeling crafty? If you’re not wanting to go out and fuss over a store bought design, just make your own! You can make a toilet paper holder from pretty much anything if you’re creative enough.

Wooden Ladder Hanging Storage

Wooden Ladder Hanging Storage

Everyone has that secret stash of “vintage” items that they swear they’re going to find a use for. That old barn ladder? Now your time to shine.

Take your old wooden ladder and hang some wire baskets on the rungs. Place the ladder against the wall where someone who’s using the toilet can easily access it.

It’s thin, easy, cheap, and can store a lot of bathroom accessories. Towels, toilet tissue, and even soaps and shampoos can be stored in these baskets.

Shutters or Boards With a Basket

Shutters or Boards With a Basket

If you’ve got some extra hardwood boards or shutters, that’s the perfect material to craft your DIY toilet paper holder.

Take your shutter or board and drill a screw hole or two so you can mount your basket to it. Make sure you get a basket that’s roughly the same size as the board. Attach the shutter mounted basket to your wall. If you’re feeling fancy, you can even attach a functioning toilet paper holder to the bottom of it for extra convenience.

Fabric Toilet Roll Holder

Fabric Toilet Roll Holder

If you’re a die-hard arts and crafts lover, chances are you’ve got some quality fabrics on hand. Choose your favorite pattern, cut the strip to the width of a toilet roll, fold the cloth in half and mount it to your wall. You can fold and sew your cloth to make as make roll pouches as you desire. Just slide the roll in and out as needed. You can even attach the cloth pouches to your pre-existing toilet paper holder as extra storage.

Just be cautious that the cloth may need to be washed occasionally. Cloth will soak up the humidity from the shower and may become damp. So it’s best to have more than one of these holders available if that’s the route you choose. Having more than one will allow you to wash the previous holder and dry it properly before placing your toilet paper into it.

Wall Art Toilet Paper Holder

Wall Art Toilet Paper Holder

If you’re in for a little wood-working, you can make a beautiful piece to add some flare to your bathroom. Wall art is an easy and fun way to store your toilet rolls where they won’t take up too much space.

Using some wood, you can create all kinds of shapes and sizes for your toilet roll holder. From V-shaped, honeycombs, and cloud-shaped shelves, the possibilities are endless. The only limit is what you can come up with.

Cart, Magazine Holder, or a Small Table

Cart, Magazine Holder, or a Small Table

Not too many people will have a magazine holder on hand in this age, but if you do, it’s your lucky day! Take your magazine holder and slide your toilet rolls on the long portion. Most magazine holders are already made to be in your bathroom, so it’s meant to be. You can store a few extra rolls on there and still keep your magazines with you for those long trips to the loo.

A small cart or table works just as well. As long as you’ve got the space for it, a small table can give you valuable bathroom storage space and an easy way to reach for the roll too.

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