Why is My Toilet Seat Turning Blue?

Why is My Toilet Seat Turning Blue

It will certainly look and feel weird to see a blue stain on your otherwise white toilet seat. Once you see it, you might be asking this question in your mind, “Why is my toilet seat turning blue?” That blue color around the toilet seat is indeed one of the weirdest phenomena taking the internet by storm these days. If you’re curious about what’s causing it, read on. You may just be surprised to know what the real reason for that blue color is.

While some people may regard the lovely bluepurple hue on their toilet seat as a sign of sanitation, that can’t be farther from the truth. Read this post and other related posts that we have about this phenomenon. Then you’ll find out the exact reason why and know which one of them applies to you. Unfortunately, there may still be no definite answer to this blue toilet seat phenomenon. But one thing’s for sure. You’re not alone in experiencing this and there’s no need to be alarmed. 


Reasons Why White Toilet Seats Turn Blue

The reasons listed here can range from simple explanations to science-backed cases. Either way, getting additional information about this incident adds to your knowledge about trivial things like these. You might even think it’s fun learning more about the hard facts and science that go with it.

1. Dye from the blue color of your clothes

dye from the blue your clothes reason toilet seat blue

If you’re wearing brand new, heavily dyed, and tight blue jeans, then high are the chances that the dye from your pants has stained the toilet seat. The dye from your jeans could get rubbed on your legs and then it would transfer to the toilet set. This is especially true if the dye gets in contact with water.

So, better inspect what clothes you’re wearing before you go ahead and seek a more scientific explanation. This is the simplest reasoning you can get, and a plausible one, too. You’ll have a problem only if you’re not wearing blue jeans at all. That’s when you must consider the other reasons listed below.

2. Bluish sweat and body secretion

bluish sweat body secretion Toilet Seat Turning Blue

If you’re a science buff, then you must be familiar with the term chromhidrosis. It is a condition where your sweat and body oils turn into a gray or blue shade. The body’s sweat gland is called lipofuscin, and if you suffer from this condition you tend to have more lipofuscin or sweat glands than regular people.

Too much lipofuscin or apocrine glands is also the reason why your sweat and other body secretions get discolored. People with apocrine chromhidrosis will likely leave blue stains on their clothes and on the linen that they use. Their skin will also have a hint of blue because of their bluish body oils. If you have a few overworking apocrine glands, then that’s probably the reason for your colored sweat.

It is possible to address chromhidrosis with medications. Do consult with your doctor to be given a health plan to treat this condition. Self-medication is not encouraged, as there is a higher risk of complications if the wrong treatments are followed. So, if you have a sweat gland that’s working tirelessly like the famed athlete Angela Ballard, you now know what to do.

3. Bacteria

bacteria in toilet reason Toilet Seat Turning Blue

There are a lot of bacteria known to man and they tend to react with other entities. In the case of the toilet seat turning blue, pseudochromhidrosis could be the reason. We have already defined what chromhidrosis is. Pseudochromhidrosis happens when certain nonpathogenic bacteria get mixed with sweat. This is yet another explanation of coloured sweat.

This condition is also the reason why certain body parts get discolored, like the armpits. While it’s common to see black discoloration, red or blue staining is known to happen as well. If you suffer from chromhidrosis and you use a toilet where some bacteria are present, the seat will likely turn blue. You will also observe this doesn’t just happen on your toilet seat, but also on the bathtub or sink. Keep in mind that the presence of a certain bacteria in your sweat is potent enough to turn your toilet seat blue. So, get your sweat checked if you must.

4. Hormones Due to Pregnancy

hormones due to pregnancy reason Toilet Seat Turning Blue

The hormones that your body secretes may play a factor as well. As a matter of fact, many of the people who report seeing a blue toilet seat are pregnant women. This is because they have higher hormonal levels than most people, which is caused by pregnancy. As a result, the simple contact of their skin with the toilet seat can trigger its change in color. The kind of coating your toilet has also contributed to the reaction.

But while this is a common occurrence among pregnant women, it is not permanent. Since the issue is caused by hormones, it will go away the moment that you’re no longer a pregnant person and your hormones get balanced. Even so, take the time to mention this incident to your doctor during one of your pregnancy check-ups. That way, your doctor can assess the situation and help you out if needed.

5. Chlorine Bleach

chlorine bleach reason Toilet Seat Turning Blue

While this is a controversial reason for toilet seats turning blue, it is still a possibility. Bleach is known to damage a plastic or porcelain toilet seat over time. So, it won’t matter if you’re referring to the toilet bowl or toilet seat. Your issue may be caused by the strong chlorine bleach that you’re using every day to clean the toilet seat. There’s no doubt that bleach is notorious for causing toilet bowl stains.

It is true that this reason may be a little too difficult to prove. Even so, it may do you good to pay special attention to your cleaning products and the methods you’re using to sanitize your toilet seat. Know what your toilet seat is made of and use only the products that are highly recommended.

6. Vitamins or Supplements Taken  

vitamins supplements taken reason Toilet Seat Turning Blue

There might be certain vitamins or supplements that you’re taking regularly that could have contributed to your toilet seat’s change of color. A certain prenatal B Vitamin is known to cause bluish secretions, just in the case of Vitamin C, which produces yellowish secretions. The higher concentration of Vitamin C in your urine is the usual reason why you have yellow stains on your toilet seat.

Talk to your doctor if you suspect if any of your medications are causing the issue. These health experts may be able to confirm it for you. If there is no threat to your health, then there is no need to worry about it. You may simply put some added protection on your toilet set if necessary so you can continue to take your B Vitamin.

7. Hard Water in the Toilet Tank

While this is the least likely reason for a toilet seat turning blue, it is still worth looking at. You know very well that the presence of mineral deposits in your water, such as copper, can make it hard. These mineral deposits can cause not just discoloration but stubborn stains as well. Don’t forget to check those copper piping while you’re at it. It may also be the reason why you’re seeing copper stains on your bathroom fixtures.

Get your water checked by a qualified plumber to make sure that this is not the cause of the problem in your home. In case it is, get a water softener or find any other natural way to remove the mineral deposits in your water supply. Some people use vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice not just to remove stains, but to soften and possibly get rid of the blue water coming out of the tap.

What to Do if Your Toilet Seat Turns Blue

After reading all the reasons here as to why your toilet seat turns blue, you can now have peace of mind knowing that this should not be a cause of concern. If it isn’t a health-related problem, then you may very well focus your efforts on cleaning your toilet seat instead. Just use a toilet brush to remove the stain and make your seat look normal again.

For the most part, you only need to use rubbing alcohol to clear out the bluish shade on your toilet seat. In the absence of alcohol, soap and water would do. Using a magic eraser will also help if you have that available. Just make sure that you test the toilet bowl cleaner or any other cleaning solution of your preference in a discreet test area. That way, you will know for sure if it will address the problem or not. If the stain proves to be too stubborn, it may be time to replace the toilet seat with a new one.

How to Keep Your Toilet Seat from Turning Blue

How to Keep Your Toilet Seat from Turning Blue

It would be easier to prevent this problem if you knew the reason why it happens. Run through the different possibilities listed above. Once you have pinpointed the cause of the problem, follow the necessary preventative measures to counteract the incidence of a blue toilet seat. You may start by using the right toilet bowl cleaner.

If you need help from a plumbing expert, don’t hesitate to call them. They would be able to show you how to properly care for your toilet seat and make it look new and fresh for a longer period. These professionals may even make that blue ring around your toilet seat go away permanently.

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